close your eyes, use your mouth.


I’m definitely improving at baking! These are snickers cupcakes, they came out delicious. Chocolate cupcake, with a center filled with caramel and snicker pieces, topped with caramel flavored frosting! All from scratch!

Found the recipe here, and I would definitely suggest making them:


The Scientifically-Inspired Art of Luke Jerram

This guy is killin’ it.

It would be difficult to find a science-inspired artist more consistently amazing than Luke Jerram. His best-known work is surely his blown-glass microbes and viruses, which have graced Tumblr dashboards and Facebook walls the world over. A beautiful gallery, with behind the scenes photos of glass in action, here.

Top L-R: HIV, Human Papilloma Virus and Swine Flu

Less-known, but equally as impressive are his sonic sculptures, where invisible sound waves are visualized as silent, three-dimensional experiences

Middle L-R: 28 seconds of Hiroshima, 9 minutes of Tohoku (prev. here)

I think his most remarkable work is a musical installation called Aeolus (lower left), where a field of taut cables vibrate with the wind due to vortex effects, creating music within the tubes of the arch. I’ve featured that musical installation before, with links to the physics behind it, if you’d like to read more.

Last, but not least, a scientific-glassware chandelier that I am sure that many of us would be happy to hang in our homes … or finely appointed labs.

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Check out Luke Jerram’s full website and portfolio here, and be prepared to be amazed.